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The Mentorship System has been introduced with the main objective of providing supportive care and counsel to students in their academic and personal problems, from time to time, if any. This system helps the students complete their studies comfortably and successfully. The Proctorial system is used to continuously and regularly monitor the academic progress of the students and to rectify their problems. The college encourages parents to be in regular contact with the Proctor/Chief Proctor/HOD/Principal.

The proctorial system has been started in the college for building healthy academic and personal relationship between the students and teachers. It enforces more discipline, more involvement and heart to heart connections with the students.

Under this scheme, college students are divided into several groups and each group is headed by a teaching staff known as the proctor. Normally, sixteen to twenty four students are entrusted to the charge of a proctor whom the students meet on scheduled date, time and at places and put forth their difficulties for advice. The proctor looks into the general interest of the students placed under him/her. The proctor remains in frequent touch with the students of his/her group and try to solve their problems both academic and others.

Chief Proctor
Sri Satyabrata Samantaray
Department of Humanities
Black Diamond School of Engineering, Jharsuguda
Contact No: 9124561034
  • To inspire a healthy relationship between the teacher and student.
  • To eliminate any indiscipline among the students.
  • To improve the overall academic performance in the Examination.
  • To give students a measure of self confidence.

Every teaching department implements the proctor process through its faculty and all the faculty members are designated as proctors.

  • The Proctor acts as a local guardian to solve the academic and administrative problems of his wards.
  • The Proctor closely monitors the progress of students under his/her care and helps them in overcoming their problems.
  • The Proctor shall assist in academic and over all development of the student under his charge.
  • Proctor conducts regular meetings with Students and parents.

  • The Proctorial process started in our Institute in the year 2019.
  • The Proctorial Process is a supportive process, wherein the Chief Proctor heads the system. Each department has a deputy chief proctor and all the faculty members act as proctors.
  • Each proctor is allotted around 20 to 25 students the proctorial system of our Institute.
  • The proctor acts as a local guardian helping to solve the academic and administrative problems faced by his wards, and would help in solving personal problems, if any.
  • The proctor maintains a Student Information Record (SIR) for each of his/her wards which gives all the details of the students, in terms of course registration/course dropping/withdrawn/re-registration etc.
  • In addition to details of proctor-student meetings held from time to time, SIR also gives the details of the performance of the candidate in the semester end examination.
  • Provision has been made to send the progress reports of each student to his/her parents/ guardians furnishing the details of attendance, class marks, examination results, etc. These reports are sent twice in a semester (at the end of 45 days & 90 days from the starting of the semester) to the parent / guardian of each student.
  • The proctorial process is made more effective by web enabling the SIS (Student Information System).
  • Faculty members enter attendance and CIE marks in the SIS regularly.
  • The Chief Proctor regularly conducts scheduled meetings with the deputy chief proctors, HODs and Principal on the Proctorial process.
  • The attendance and CIE Marks entered by each faculty member on the SIS is constantly monitored in the Chief Proctor’s Office.
  • The attendance and CIE Marks are displayed in the notice board of respective departments regularly
  • A student whose performance is not up to the mark is asked to appear for counseling with the proctor/deputy chief proctor/chief proctor in order to help the student improve his/her performance in the coming semesters.
  1. The students of the proctorial group shall meet the proctors attest once in a fortnight or as many times as is necessary to sort out the academic problems.
  2. The students shall furnish such information to the proctors as required for the maintenance of the proctorial record.
  3. No student should leave head quarters without informing the proctor.
  4. No student can not ordinarily meet the principal on official business without the prior permission of the proctor nor can submit any application without his /her recommendation.
  5. Any adverse report against a student by the proctor will be seriously viewed.
  6. The promotion of the college exam and issue of the final conduct / T.C/ from the college will be reflected on proctorial records of the student during the period of study in the college.


Sl. No Name of Faculty/Proctor Member Name of Department Designation Name of students Assigned
1 Sri Satyabrata Samantaray Mathematics & Science Sr. Lecturer LIST OF 1ST YR CIVIL ENGG
2 Sri Bhagirathi Sahoo Humanities Sr. Lecturer LIST OF 1ST YR ELECT ENGG(GR-1)
3 Sri Hemanta Kumar Behera Mathematics & Science Lecturer LIST OF 1ST YR ELECT ENGG(GR-2)
4 Sri Nawin Chandra Singh Mathematics & Science Sr. Lecturer LIST OF 1ST YR MECH ENGG(GR-1)
5 Sri Bhanbani Shankar Acharya Mathematics & Science Lecturer LIST OF 1ST YR MECH ENGG(GR-2)
6 Sri Suryakanat Rout E&TC Engineering Sr. Lecturer LIST OF 1ST/2ND/3RD YEAR E&TC ENGG
7 Ms. Sangeeta Pan Comp. Sc. Engineering Lecturer LIST OF 1ST YR CSE ENGG
8 Smt Meera Dehury Civil engineering Sr. Lecturer LIST OF 2ND YR CIVIL ENGG
10 Smt. Tusarika Behera Civil engineering Lecturer LIST OF 3RD YEAR CIVIL ENGG
11 Sri Punyesh Mishra Electrical Engineering Lecturer LIST OF 2ND YR ELECT ENGG(GR-1)
12 Smt Jasmin Pandey Electrical Engibeering Lecturer LIST OF 2ND YR ELECT ENGG(GR-2)
13 Sri Jogendra Dutiyachand Electrical Engineering Sr. Lecturer LIST OF 3RD YR ELECTRICAL ENGG(GR-1)
14 Sri Amit Senapati Electrical Engineering Lecturer LIST OF 3RD YR ELECTRICAL ENGG(GR-2)
15 Sri Byomakesh Mishra Mechanical Engg Sr. Lecturer(HOD) LIST OF 2ND YR MECH ENGG(GR-1)
16 Smt Sipra Patel Mechanical Engg Lecturer LIST OF 2ND YR MECH ENGG(GR-2)
17 Sri Basudev Mishra Mechanical Engg Sr. Lecturer LIST OF 3RD YR MECH ENGG(GR-1)
18 Sri Ajay Sahoo Mechanical Engg Lecturer LIST OF 3RD MECH ENGG(GR-2)
19 Ms. Surabhi Behera Comp. Sc. Engineering Lecturer LIST OF 2ND/3RD YR CSE ENGG.